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HEBO Spezialglas was founded in 1989 and supplies the optical industry as well as end users of optical components and systems world-wide.

Keeping a permanent stock of about 20 tons of optical glasses, filter glasses, fused silica and crystals, which includes more than 300 different types and qualities, we are able to react in a short time to your requests.

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The key of the mystery
The height of the mirror must be at least half the height of Snow White. The reason is that the angle of incidence is equal to the angle of reflection (in the case of plain mirrors). Therefore the mirror must be 82 cm high.

If Snow White now looks at the upper edge of the mirror, she is able to see the highest point of her head. That means that the upper edge of the mirror must be mounted exactly halfway between her eye level and the height of her body, which that means at a level of 1.59 m. This means the lower edge of the mirror must be at a height of 77 cm.