Upon request the delivered components will be documented with a „First-sample-test-report“, Transmission-measurement (Curve as PDF, data as .csv), test protocol of mechanical dimensions, interferogram, Melt-data-sheet, CoC, CoO, …

With our MEMMERT UF55plus-oven we can do ice-water tests. All data are digital analyzed and documented.

Transmission-measurements will be made with a spectro-photometer CARY 5000 or PerkinElmer Lambda 35. Especially with the CARY 5000 very exact measurements can be made from 190 to 3300 nm, also at high OD`s and different AOI`s.
Surface defects can be analyzed and documented by a digital measuring-microscope.

Mechanical dimensions will be documented with digital measuring equipment.

Thermal hardening will be analyzed and documented through polarized light.

For sure, all measuring equipment is controlled and calibrated regularly.

Please contact us for further information.